Summer as an International Student: Robotics Research

Written by Aniket Gauba ’26 and Mia Miller
Denison may seem quiet over the summer but don’t let it fool you, there are a number of students on campus doing important summer research! One of these students is Aniket Gauba, a rising Junior studying Computer Science and Physics. We had the chance to hear from him about his research and how he feels it will help him going forwards. 

“My research focuses on designing, implementing, and analyzing Human-Robot Collaborative (HRC) tasks. The primary objective is to develop a robotic system optimized for collaboration with humans on creative tasks. We aim to explore how different interaction modalities (verbal, non-verbal, and haptic feedback) and robot designs influence the effectiveness of collaboration and human trust.

At Denison University, as part of the Anderson Summer Science Program, I am working under the mentorship of Dr. Matthew Law. My research involves a multi-phase approach:

Design and Development (First 3 weeks): We are designing a robotic system with advanced mobility, manipulation, and communication capabilities. This includes using 3D-printed parts, Dynamixel MX smart servos, and Luxonis OAK-D cameras for depth perception and object recognition.

Experimental Phase (Next 5 weeks): We will conduct experiments involving human participants to gather data on their ability to collaborate with our robotic system. The collaborative task will be the creation of a rock garden, inspired by studies on co-creative collaboration.

Data Analysis and Conclusion (Final 2 weeks): We will process the collected data to analyze the dynamics of human-robot interaction and publish our findings.

This research aligns perfectly with my academic and professional goals. As a Computer Science and Physics major, this project enhances my understanding of robotics, a field I have been passionate about since childhood. Engaging in hands-on projects has always been a source of joy and learning for me. This experience is not only fun but also deeply enriching, providing practical insights into robotics and human-robot interaction.

Professionally, this research will strengthen my expertise in robotics, making me a competitive candidate for future opportunities in robotics and mechatronics. Personally, it fulfills a lifelong interest in working with robots, solidifying my commitment to a career in this exciting field. This project is a stepping stone towards my aspiration of contributing to advancements in robotics, aiming to create systems that seamlessly integrate into human environments, enhancing productivity and creativity.” 

As you can see, Aniket is hard at work this summer and we wish him the best of luck in the rest of his research!