The Art of War: John Doyle’s “Sharpshooters 76”

Exhibition Dates: Feb. 1 to May 12, 2017

by Grace Martin ’18

John Lawrence Doyle (1939-2010) was a Chicago-born artist with a fascination in the human condition. He studied ethnology and anthropology, and his accuracy in details is evident in all of his art.

Directly after the end of the tragic Vietnam war and in anticipation of the U.S.

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The Great War: Illustrations by Jean-Louis Forain

Exhibition Dates: Feb. 1st to May 12th, 2017

Exhibition Dates: Feb. 1st to May 12th, 2017

by Sophia Raak ’20

On June 28th, 1914, Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, were assassinated by a Serbian extremist, throwing Europe into chaos that devolved to war a month afterward. Within a week of the first declaration of war between Serbia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire on July 28th, all of Europe’s strongest powers had joined, launching the continent into mass-scale war and beginning World War I.

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Cuttingly Clever: 20th Century Political Cartoons

Exhibition Dates: Sept 5-Dec 12, 2016

Cuttingly clever: 20th century political cartoons (fall 2016) - img_3760-300x200.jpg image #0

by Gabrielle Quesnell ’19

Political or editorial cartoons are the embodiment of the phrase “a picture says a thousand words.” Heavily dependant on caricature and dripping with sarcasm, these drawings reflect an artist’s and the general public’s emotional and logical response to political issues through the drawing itself and the way they’re reprinted.

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Through Darkness to Light

Exhibition Dates: Sept. 10-Nov 13, 2015

by Gabrielle Quesnell ’19

Through darkness to light (fall 2015) - faculty-handout-232x300.jpg image #0In the early to mid nineteenth century, thousands of slaves took cover under darkness and began their escape from their slave masters via the Underground Railroad. Although a remarkable piece of American history, the clandestine nature of the network leaves a visual gap in the way the system is studied.

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