Day 9 – Pylos and Mycenae

We started the day early with breakfast at the Neda hotel in Olympia. The balcony’s in the dining area had a great view of the town.

In the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer describes ancient civilization and cultures that preceded that of the Hellenistic period. In the 18th century, people began to wonder if the stories of Homer’s epics were based on real history and they set out to find the remains of the civilizations mentioned by homer.

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As we embarked on our 8th day in Greece, we began by departing from Delphi and drove four hours toward Olympia. Upon our arrival to Olympia, as a group, we got a light lunch from a nearby slovaki restaurant. Though a short lunch, it revitalized our energies for the upcoming walk. We visited the archeological site of Olympia: an ancient sanctuary, and birthplace of the Olympic Games.

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Day 7- Delphi

by Trent Schulten and Mireya Gomez

Our seventh day in Greece began with a 3 hour bus ride from the bustling city of Athens to the chilly and windy mountains. Here in the mountains we visited the ancient city of Delphi which commemorates the God Apollo.  We had 5 minutes to put our bags in the hotel before we were off and exploring the site.

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Day 6: Eleusis and Piraeus Museum

By Shelby Tour and Ryan Klemptner

Today, we began by taking a bus to Eleusis and visiting both the Eleusis site and museum. Since Greece had an election today, the bus ride was much shorter than anticipated to the site, lasting only about 25-30 minutes rather than an hour. Upon arrival, we waited for a short period of time before being let into the site.

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Day 5: Brauron and Sounio and BEACH!

By Esther Hernandez and Areli Nunez

Our day started with an hour long bus ride from Athens to Brauron, one of the twelve cities of ancient Attica. Everyone looked forward to how the day would unfold, because we knew where it would end – at the beach. Our first stop was the sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia, which contains the remains of a small temple of Artemis (picture 1), a unique stone bridge (picture 2), a series of dining rooms (picture 3), and a spring that is currently being pumped.

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Day 4: Agenia Temples of Apollo and Isis and Beach

Day 4: agenia temples of apollo and isis beach - img_3097-225x300.jpg image #0Today we went to two temples with the class. The trip began with an early bus ride to a ferry. The ferry was populated by a diverse collection of tourists including ourselves. As two people from coastline cities floating on the ocean was a comforting and familiar experience. Once we arrived on Agenia we bussed to a mostly ruined temple of Apollo.

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Day 2: Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, and the Athenian Agora

Today was our first full day in Athens to kick off our Art and Archeology seminar. After getting grounded in Chicago and missing our original flight to Athens, when we arrived yesterday everyone was exhausted. After a good night’s sleep, we were all excited to get out there, learn, and see some cool places.

We started off the day with breakfast on the hotel rooftop with a view of the Acropolis, one of our main destinations of the day.

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Our Last Day in Italy

A photograph of a sculpture in italyby Geneva and Nick

Today we went to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples! There we saw a lovely mix of frescos, mosaics, busts, and full body sculptures. One amazing sculpture that we saw was a marble figure of Hercules. In this sculpture he is carved as the ultimate male figure, his entire body is bulging with muscle from his neck to the tops of his feet.

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